Biography of Narayan Gopal

Narayan Gopal

Narayan Gopal is by a wide margin the most unmistakable and well known artist in Nepali music. At the point when individuals think or talk about Nepali music, the name most related is that of Narayan Gopal. For a great many people, he is the vocalist. He was likewise a cultivated music author by his own doing. In addition to the fact that he was gifted with an incredible voice, he was extremely flexible. His voice range permitted him to sing melodies of each kind. His tunes are regularly lavishly coordinated with the sitar, harmonium and the flute. A portion of his most famous songs :

Kehi mitho baata gara

Euta Manche Ko Maya le Kati

Saawan ko jhari bani

* Manche ko Maya

* Yo Samjhine Man Cha

Narayan Gopal has been concurred with title "Swor Samrat" (in a real sense, King of Voice) which certifies his situation as the preeminent virtuoso of Nepali music. His passing was because of organ disappointments, said to have been brought about by his famous drinking. The tapes and CDs of his music actually make huge deals in Nepal.

He has sung more than 500 tunes, remembering for movies, ballet performances and show. The vast majority of his tunes are tunes. It is said that he was extremely particular with regards to which melodies he sang. Albeit 500 melodies isn't a ton for a portion of his type, they are extraordinary somehow or another be it the expressive profundity or great interpretation. In acknowledgment of his commitment in the field of Nepali music, he has gotten a few public distinctions and grants, Trishakti Patta, Chinnalata Puraskar to give some examples.

Proceeded with deals of his collections confirm his colossal notoriety. Considerably over 10 years later his passing, his tunes are similarly preferred, adored and sung.His inheritance lives on. Current sensation, Ram Krishna Dhakal, an exceptionally famous artist, sang Narayan Gopal's tunes and displayed his singing style later him when beginning his vocation.

In a short presentation of Narayan Gopal on a collection cover, Music Nepal, the biggest music organization in Nepal, composes:

"The late Narayan Gopal (1996-2046 BS) is viewed as the most well known in the whole area of present day Nepali music. An even more fitting presentation of the music maestro is call him the King of Vocals or Swar Samrat of contemporary Nepali music. Narayan Gopal, who has captivated large number of audience members by his undying tunes has been granted a few public distinctions among which, Indra Rajya Laxmi Award, Chhinalata Award for vocals, Jagadamba Shree, Trishakti Patta third (granted post humously) Urvashi Rang and a few different distinctions and embellishments bear declaration to his broad ubiquity and the prominence he has accomplished as a most loved artist of millions.

During his profession, Narayan Gopal delivered his voice to more than 550 arrangements including present day tunes, ballet productions, dance dramatizations, motion pictures and devoted tunes. These tunes have contributed in enhancing the store of Nepali Music and promoting Nepali music even past political boondocks."

Individual Life

Narayan Gopal was brought into the world to a Newar family in Kathmandu in 1996 Bikram Sambat (BS). His dad was an old style artist and needed his child to follow his strides. Narayan Gopal was keen on music since the beginning however not by and large into traditional field. He concentrated on music in India.

The late Gopal Yonjon and Narayan Gopal were old buddies and "mits".(It's a nepali custom where old buddies go into a sort of an enduring companionship. This is for the most part seen as reinforcing the kinship bond.) Narayan Gopal has sung numerous wonderful and profound tunes formed by Gopal Yonjon.


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