मदिरा नपिऊँ त

स्वर, संगीत: फत्तेमान

शब्द: काली प्रसाद रिजाल

Lyrics in Nepali :

मदिरा नपिउँ त के पिउँ विष पिउने आँट भएन

बेहोश नभई एक क्षण पनि जिउने आँट भएन

रहरले होइन उनकै यादले मलाई पिलाउँछ

उनले गरेको विश्वासघातले मलाई पिलाउँछ

यति मात्र होइन हर दिनरातले मलाई पिलाउँछ

यति घाउ छन् कि मनमा कहीँ सिउने आँट भएन

अब त लौ कसैले साथ दिने आश पनि गो

प्याला समाउने हातमा हात दिने आश पनि गो

वसन्तले फूल त के पात दिने आश पनि गो

यति पीर छन् कि होशमा अब रुने आँट भएन

Lyrics in Roman :

Madira napiu ta ke piu bish piune aat bhaena

Behosh nabhai ek kshan pani jiune aat bhaena

Raharle hoina unkai yaadle malai pilaaunchha

Unle gareko bishwasaghatle malai pilaaunchha

Yati matra hoina har din-ratle malai pilaaunchha

Yati ghau chhan ki manma kahi siune aant bhaena

Aba ta lau kasaile saath dine aasha pani go

Pyala samaune haatma haat dine aasha pani go

Vasantale phool ta ke paat dine aasha pani go

Yati pir chhan ki hoshma aba rune aant bhaena

Lyrics in English :

What shall I drink if not the wine

For I have no courage to drink poison

Couldn’t dare to live even for once

Without loosing my own senses out

Not my choice but her memories

Make me drink it down 

The way she deceived me

Makes me drink it down 

More to that every day and night

Makes me drink it down

Many wounds have torn my heart

But never any courage to stitch it up

Who else to give me a company

All hopes are lost by now 

Who will now hold these hands

That always lifts a glass of wine

All hopes are lost by now

Let alone those flowers of spring 

Even the leaves won’t appear now

Pain fills me when I’m in my senses

I don’t even have courage to cry


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