Neetesh Jung Kunwar - Short Biography

Neetesh Jung Kunwar is a young Nepalese popular artist. He is quite popular among Nepali youth. Before his one of the famous song “Gedai Jasto Jindagi”, he was not that popular. But right after his blockbuster song, he grabbed thousands of Nepali teen attention. Neetesh has different name and fame in Nepali music industry.

Some Fact about Neetesh :

Name :     Neetesh Jung Kunwar

Birth Place : Lalitpur, Nepal

Occupation : Singer, Song writer, Vloger

Genre :     POP

Education : Bachelor

Relationship Status : in a relationship with singer Samridhi Rai

Inspiration icons : John Mayer, Ed Sheeran, Bipul Chhetri

First Official Music Video : Flirty Maya

First International Tour : Sydney, Australia

Early Life and Education

Neetesh Jung Kunwar was born and raised in Lalitpur. Neetesh was quite an aggressive type of person from his childhood. He spent his childhood in Lalitpur and also finished his schooling. He introduced himself with a guitar from his childhood. His father was also from the music background. His father was affiliated with a band called Prism.

Because of the musical environment and education from home, he was able to interact with the guitar and music field. His father taught him a guitar and later he started performing in schools and colleges.

Neetesh started his music career from the early 20s.  But still, he was not sure about whether to come in the music field or not. He used to hang out with Vlogger Sisan Baniya. Slowly, Sisan encouraged him to start his own YouTube channel. Neetesh’s uploaded his first song Hamro Nepal Ma along with Dhokebaj on his channel.  But Gedai Jasto Jindagi made him overnight star in Nepali Youngsters.

Musical Journey

Neetesh Jung Kunwar was interested in music from his early childhood. He used to write a song when he was 8-9 years old. At the age of 9, Neetesh started to play guitar. In his school-age, he used to participate in the different singing competition. Neetesh and his team got selected in ICMC singing competition organized by KCM. He wrote a song for this competition. Neetesh family is very supportive of his love of music. However, his first stage performance was when he was in grade VII.

Musical Career

Yes, Neetesh was interested in music but he was not ready for the musical career. So he stopped to write and started singing. He also started working in a company. Neetesh worked two years for this company. But he realized that that was not and decided to leave this job and again started to write a song. He has given many best songs for Nepali music industry. Now, he is one of the most popular and talented young singer in the music industry who is providing different taste in Nepali music. Kunwar is a singer with zero haters in Social Network and in real life. Some of his popular songs are Gedai Jasto Jindagi, Aashma, Hamro Nepalma, Flirty Maya etc.


Neetesh Jung Kunwar is humble person with good looks. He believes that every bad event in life leads us to a good path and there is nothing better than forgiveness.


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